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Meet Your Practitioner

Amanda Gilbert, M.A.
Certified Reiki Master Teacher
ThetaHealing™ Practitioner

For two decades, Amanda has been on her personal journey for a healthy mind, body and spirit. She has studied with world renown teachers in yoga, meditation, relationship counseling and consciousness coaching. 

She subscribes to the idea that there are thoughts that we continue to think over and over and sometimes those thoughts lead us to pathways of unwanted experiences in our lives. These experiences can create or enhance unhelpful beliefs leading to resistance in one's body and mind. Amanda helps her clients push the reset button, so they can begin reconnecting with their healthy state of being. She does this mostly through Reiki and ThetaHealing™, but offers Conscious Coaching and Classes for those who want to go deeper on their path to empowerment. 

Reiki is her personal favorite for relieving resistance, because it is gentle, assumes nothing, and doesn't require any type of dredging up of old beliefs to work. It's just relaxing and soothing and gives you a space to remember who you really are, or rather to feel into who you really are. Change your feeling, change your reality.

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