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Notebook and Pen


Transformative Next-Level Living Courses

Rewrite Your Rules

A Course in Personal Anarchy

Train your mind to focus and achieve your professional and personal goals, disregarding what seemed possible before, in the face of new possibilities unleashed by new inspired action discovered in this class. This course offers you tools and proven techniques to help you unlock the code to your highest calling, deepest knowing, and greatest success!

Reiki Courses: Become a Certified

Reiki Practitioner Level I, II, III

Interested in becoming a certified Reiki Practitioner? My courses are research-focused, professional and designed to meet the needs of different types of learners: visual, audio, kinesthetic. With 15 years of experience developing curriculum at the college-level, I bring an academic vibe to my Reiki courses. They are intuitive and focus on the principals of Reiki, but the methodologies ensure that your learning experience will set you up to practice Reiki at the level which inspires you. 

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