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When I was a kid, I often wondered how things like money and jobs really worked. I mean, why didn't money grow on trees, because I knew grapes grew on vines and that nuts came from trees and flowers from plants so why not money too? It seemed green and soft and pleasant smelling, like anything else that grows. The ironic part is that I actually picked the leaves of my grandmother's magnolia tree and dubbed it my own personal bank. Actually the leaves of the magnolia tree were much more than just greenbacks for my pocket, it also provided dishes for my mud pies and the little cones that appeared once the flowers had fallen off were great microphones and tops to my scepter.

I was a princess in a tree with all the things I would ever need to grow and prepare me for going out into the yard. The proverbial yard that I now go out into looks a bit different and everything seems so big- big buildings, big crowds, big interstates, big money, big stakes.

What would it be like to know that I am provided for even in the bigness of it all? To witness the gentle offering from nature providing for me in all its abundance and to allow with perfect faith myself to receive what is being offered? Can I feel as provided for now as I did in my grandmother's tree?

Even now I smile as I reach for the answer within my heart because I have been given so many surprises lately that have been delightful and easy and just in time! I have been given ease in my travel, support from a loving partner, a beautiful reunion with my only son and many wonderful friends as I just landed in Flagstaff, AZ, my old stomping grounds. I am learning to accept my fate: I am a conscious creator who in my joy and allowing, I receive what is being offered. I am learning to act from inspired action (like an impulse that will not be denied) and starting to discern which job to apply for and when. I am learning to go when I am called.

Who is the caller? I believe it is me calling me. My creative beautiful prosperous wondrous version of me keeps calling me home to me. So with each little thing I allow to happen, to float into my life, I am saying YES to prosperity to ease and to flow. I am picking up the leaves.

Some days I hardly recognize me, as I am in a new place and connecting deeper to this mysterious flow, and I know it is not the influence of others that is pulling me to change, but it is the pull of my own steadiness in a changing environment that is "sureing" me up. I am expanding and sometimes it is easy and sometimes it feels like I need a nap, but mostly it feels like the world is my back yard and in it lies a gigantic tree that will shelter me and give me everything that I need.

So from my ReikiHeart I offer to you this: When the fate of where I am sets in and I feel I am under it, like a heavy truck weighing me down, I know that it is only the wind brushing against my back reminding me gently of the bigness of my being.

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